Camp Calendar

July 3: Prepare to be Pixilated
Join us for a day of exploration, crafting, and combat. Survive the challenges and build the biggest minecraft world yet!

July 4: Come One, Come All
Get ready to enter discovery camps own circus. Learn magic tricks, juggling, and balancing skills and then showcase your act to become the most famous of performer!

July 5: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
It’s the end of the human race as the zombies draw nearer to our humble abode. Learn to build zombieproof shelters and the art of zom-jitsu to combat any rotting hand attacks. Put your skills to the test when a wave of zombies tries to attack!

July 6: Archery
See your arrow SOAR through the air and land right on target for a pertect Bull’s Eye! We are venturing to the Yellowhead Arrow Launchers to fling arrows and have fun!

July 7: The Force Awakens
Pick of your light saver, and decide what side you will fight for! Then use the powers of the Jedi or skills! Get the low down on all things Sith to overcome various challenges as well as customize an awesome costume.

Week 2:

July 10: Knights, Ogres, Oh My! 
Venture back with us to a more dangerous time where you will train to become a knight of Discovery Camp. Craft your sword, dual your opponents and defeat the mighty dragon.

July 11: Town Superheroes
Ever wonder who the protectors of the town are? Meet the lawful men and women in blue, sizzling’ firefighters, wonderful EMS, and the mayor! They will share the tricks of the trade & let us try their gear.

July 12: Pokemon Go Wild 
Electrify your day with Pikachu and all his friends! Battle other trainers, catch as many Pokëmon as you can and enjoy Pokëmon treats (poffins)!! This day will be as wacky and wonderful as all seven hundred and twenty Pokémon.

July 13: Rock Climbing
Time put on your harness, clip into the belay and start climbing! Enjoy the view from cougar rock, once you climb to the top!

July 14: Lego Mania
Are you the ultimate Lego creator? Build a city of Lego, play the draw-yourself challenge and create your own Logo Land board game.

Week Three

July 17: Ooey, Gooey, Goodness
How much of a mess can we make in one day? Explore the wonders of magic mud, ghost gum and paint twister!

July 18: Car Wash
Discovery goes washin’ in our very own, homemade carwash. Don’t forget your bathing suit as you’ll need it to splash, spray and soak! How many cars can we wash in one day?

July 19: Bike Park
Let’s hit the trails and jumps so you can show off your mad biking biking! Don’t forget to bring your brain bucket (helmet) to protect your noggin’.

July 20: Golf
With the help from experts at the Hinton Golf Club, we will have lots of golf-protoge’s swingin’ clubs! After the swingin’ ends, the experts at DQ will help us make our own treats!

July 21: Hawaiin Hullabaloo
Based on both Hawaiian traditions and the hit Disney movie Moana, this day is sure to have you splashing and dancing. Get ready to build your finest boat, tame the powers of the ocean and slide through this water activity filled day.

Week Four

July 24: The Puzzling Case of Zoltar
Put your best detective cap forward and embark on one of the greatest unsolved mysterious to this day: The Puzzling Case of Zoltar.

July 25: Junior Forest Rangers
Learn the tricks of the trade of what it means to be a Junior Forest Ranger. Learn cool new skills and then compete in the ultimate Call of the Bull competition to claim first place as your own.

July 26: Jurassic World Dinosaurs Unleashed
Venture back to the Mesozoic era and learn the science of Paleontology and dinosaur identification. After mastering your knowledge; pick, name and battle your mighty dinosaurs in the real world!

July 27: Catchin' at Kellys
With your trusty net and bucket in hand, plunge into the wilderness around Kelly’s Bathtub and see what you can catch. Biology is fun to learn about!

July 28: Cowboys and Aliens
First, create your own personalized battle gear fashioned to your liking. Then, see it in action as you practice your aim with a lasso or
moon-ray. When it comes to take a stand, which side will you fight for?

Week 5:

July 31: Fear Factor
Can you overcome your fears? Eat disgustingly delicious appetizers, test your physical prowess, and face the darkness

August 1: Mario Party Extravaganza
Get ready to party with Mario and join in with all his crazy games! With your trusty buddy Yoshi help save the princess from the clutches of Bowser!

August 2: Perform and Transform
Prepare to flourish in fine arts as you stat in Musicals, Dramas, Comedies and Plays. Learn the tricks of improve, dancing and performing as you perfect your acting career.

August 3: Hiking Valley of the Five Lakes
Pack your hiking gear as we embark on an adventure to explore Jasper’s famous valley of the 5 lakes. Get ready to run and climb along the way and even jump into one of the crystal clear lakes!

August 4: Animal Antics
Prepare to climb the top of the food chain in this all animal centered day. Learn the basics of pet care and become your favourite creature in our forest frenzy to see who will claim the forest as their own! 

Week 6: 
August 8: Reactions, Explosions, Oh My!
Find your inner Einstein, think like a NASA employee and get ready to out-smart Charles Strite (inventor of the toaster)! End the day with some explosions of fun.

August 9: DC Olympics
Run, throw, leap, hop and catapult through this Olympics inspired day. Learn the techniques behind the sports to kick-start your athletic career. Remember to go for gold.

August 10: Paddle Boarding at Annette
Become a skilled water athlete as we learn how to paddle board at Annette lake! Cool off with some sandcastle building contests and swimming

August 11: Tie Dye Extravaganza
Explore the vibrant world of tye dye by creating crazy and dazzling dyed creations. Let your inner DaVinci flourish.

Week 7: 

August 14: Paint War
Sploosh, Splosh, splish! Thats the sounds of paint being splashed around. A day full of colour and fun with many activities to get painted and become a RAINBOW!

August 15: Castle Siege
Grab your Nerf gun and defend your castle in the final battle. Build and personalize your battlements, negotiate treaties, and blast your way to victory as you siege the surrounding castles.

August 16: Club Hollywood
Jump, hop, and climb as you compete in the ultimate game show. Overcome challenges and participate in Discovery Camps own Amazing Race.

August 17: Water Sports at Jarvis
Get ready to slip and slide down crazy inflatable’s into the lake below. From water hamster balls to paddling and sand castle building this day is sure to be exciting and adrenaline filled!!

August 18: Minions r Us
Bee-doo, bee-doo, bee doo! The minions have taken over for the day! How crazy can you be? 

Week 8: 

August 21: May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour
Become a tribute and compete for your district in first ever discovery camp Hunger games. Create alliances and prepare for training in stealth, combat and survival as you compete for survival!

August 22: Mantracker, Survivor 
Dive deep into the woods as you run to the end goal and evade the man tracker! Embark on this wild adventure day and learn the
outdoor adventure survival skills like fire building, shelter making and go go gadgets to help you make it to the finish line.

August 23: Across the Universe 
3.2.1.. Blast Off! Discovery Camps is shooting for the stars. Explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos and paint the solar system as
campers take imagination to infinity — and beyond!

August 24: White Water Rafting
Are you ready to race down the rapids of the Athabasca River? Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and a change of warm clothes after our water escapade.

Get ready to master the art of the slip-and-slide, conquer the sodden battlefield of the water fight, vanquish the dreaded drip-drip-drop, play some pool noodle games, build your own water park and most of all, have a splashing good time!

Sports Camp

Week 1: Minute to Win it Challenges


Week 2: Garsden Party Games and Leaders of Tomorrow

Week 3: Water Sports and Lifesaving Skills

Week 4: Surviving the Wilderness

Week 5: Young Yogis

Week 6: Sports Camp Olympics

Week 7: Track and Field

Week 8: Stars and Athletes on Ice