Camp Calendar

Discovery Camp

Week 1 (July 3 - 7): 
Test your creativity with our Lego building workshop, how to make the best slime, and meet new friends in our homemade glow in the dark village! This week our trip day will be an exciting hike through Sulphur Skyline! 
Week 2 (July 9 - 13):
Surprise the crowd with a funky dance, create your very own shadow movie, test your guts with creepy challenges and test your skills on our game show day! This week's trip is a creepy crawly catching day at Kelly's Bathtub!

Week 3 (July 16 - 20)

Learn about the superpowers that keep us safe and practice your own superpowers to save the Republic! You'll also get to show off your clown shoes and juggling skills on the 18th. This week we'll be heading to the Archery range on our trip day!

Week 4 (July 23 - 27)

Work together to solve our mystery! See what part of town has the best pokemon and learn about Ancient Egypt this week! We will also get to test our research skills as we experiment with different facts and myths! This week we get to experience rafting on the Athabasca River with Hinton Rafting! Make sure to pack extra snacks and sweaters!

Week 5 (July 30 - August 3)
Now's your chance to run like Usain, swim like Phelps, and serve like Venus! Enjoy a luau, and experiment with different materials! This Thursday we take a trip to the Hinton Golf Club!

July 2018 Calendar
August 2018 Calendar

Week 6 (August 7 - 10)

Be the superstar you've always dreamed of! Stretch and laugh it out in the sun and learn about different species of animals. This week we head to Cougar Bluffs to flash the crux!

Week 7 (August 13 - 17)

Learn how to build an emergency shelter, start a fire, and other survival skills this week! Write and act in our camp play and learn what it takes to be an astronaut! This week we head to Lake Edith to paddle board in the sun!

Week 8 (August 20 - 24)

Race your friends in Discovery Camp Mario Kart, find some ancient bones as a paleontologist, and steal some treasure like a pirate! After this exciting week, you can relax like a sea cucumber while painting your "under the sea" creation. This week we will take a trip to Jasper and learn about the environment, animal habitats, and hike Old Fort Point! Bring extra snacks!

Week 9 (August 27 - 31)

Treat yourself like a prince(ss), be a sleuthy spy, and get crazy with your friends for our water fight day! This trip day is a surprise! Stay tuned!