development services department

The Planning and Development Division is here to understand the values of the community and reflect those values into our plans, policies and bylaws for the immediate and future development of our community. Our core mandate is to deliver quality service by being solutions-oriented in assisting our customers to achieve their development goals and objectives.  

The Division administers a varied and wide array of responsibilities for:

  • Land Use Planning for current and future development;
  • Development and regular reviews of guiding Plans, Policies and Bylaws;
  • Development reviews and approvals including sub-division and permits;
  • Capital Infrastructure Planning, long-term budgeting and project implementation;
  • Technical Services include access to contracted engineering services  in a multitude of disciplines and complimented with our in-house Geographical Information Systems (GIS);
  • Land and Heritage Management;
  • Housing and Demographics;
  • Property record management; and
  • Business Licenses.

Planning and Development is governed by provincial legislation including the Municipal Government Act as well as numerous municipal bylaws, plans and policies.  The division maintains the integrity of our community through the development and implementation of various plans that guide the decision making process when dealing with applications:  Municipal Developments Plan, Area Structure Plans and Land Use Bylaw.


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