Recreational Fishing
A wide variety of lakes, rivers, and streams with a variety of fish exist in the Hinton area. Pick up an information guide when you purchase your fishing license and try to catch any of the following fish Hinton lakes boast:
  • Arctic grayling
  • Bull trout
  • Burbot
  • Eastern brook trout
  • Lake trout
  • Lake whitefish
  • Pike
  • Rainbow trout
  • Rocky Mountain whitefish
  • Walleye
A little girl on a boat, fishing.
Fishing and hunting licenses along with detailed information about these activities are available at High Calibre Sports located on North Street (behind KFC). For additional information, contact High Calibre Sports:
858B Carmichael Ln
Hinton, AB T7V 1Y6

Ph: 780.865.3678

Ice Fishing
During the winter months, ice fishing is great way to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure the ice is thick and remember that safety comes first. Around Hinton there are ice fishing opportunities at:
  • Gregg Lake
  • Jarvis Lake
  • Kinky Lake
  • Wildhorse Lake