Permits & Applications

The Safety Codes Act requires that contractors and homeowners in Alberta obtain permits before beginning work on structures and systems covered under the Safety Codes Act. This work typically includes new constructions, installations, alterations, repairs, relocations, changes of use, demolitions, and removals. 

A reference guide is available when applying for Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and Private Sewage Permits. Find it here.

Further information and application forms for building permits, development permits and safety codes permits can be found in the pages linked below.


Development Services Fees are outlined in Bylaw 1104-3. Payments can be made here.

Questions regarding permit requirements?

Please contact the Town of Hinton's provider for Safety Code Services, The Inspections Group.

The Inspections Group Inc.
 Toll-Free: 1 (866) 554-5048
 Phone: (780) 454-5048


Fire Safety Plan

A Fire Safety Plan sets out specific items for inclusions to provide a safe environment for workers and outline emergency procedures at sites where construction, alteration and demolition are occurring. These provisions also ensure that hazard control measures are in place and maintenance of firefighting measures and systems required elsewhere in Alberta Fire Code.

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