Permits & Applications

When is a permit required?

If you are planning changes to your property such as constructing or renovating a building or changing the use of a building or land, you will need a permit from the Town of Hinton.

Development Permits deal with a development's impact on surrounding properties.  Building Permits deal with the structural stability of building/structures and the health and safety of the building's occupants.  Regulations and procedures may seem intimidating so please talk to Town staff as you prepare your plans so we can help.  We'll tell you about any other approvals that may affect your plans or costs.
Meeting with us early can help you avoid surprises and help ensure that your project goes as planned. 

Application Forms

Fire Safety Plan 

A Fire Safety Plan sets out specific items for inclusions to provide a safe environment for workers and outline emergency procedures at sites where construction, alteration and demolition are occurring. These provisions also ensure that hazard control measures are in place and maintenance of firefighting measures and systems required elsewhere in Alberta Fire Code.  

When do I need a Building Permit?

Local bylaws and provincial regulation govern when you need a permit.  This may vary with the circumstances of your project.  It's always best to check with authority having jurisdiction before starting any new work.  You can choose to ask one of the accredited agencies.