Cost of Living

Annual Rental Survey

According to the 2017 Alberta Municipal Affairs Annual Rental Survey, the average monthly rental rate for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1021. The average vacancy rate for all types of units was 4%.

For more details on the survey please visit the Government of Alberta's Municipal Affairs - Apartment Vacancy and Rental Cost Survey.

Comparing Cost of Living Statistics

The 2010 Alberta Spatial Price Survey, conducted by Alberta Finance and Enterprise, was designed to measure price differences between 34 Alberta communities and Edmonton for a specific basket of goods and services at a specific point in time. A total of 292 goods and services were chosen to form a subset of Statistic Canada's basket of survey items.

Maxwell Lake With Neighbourhood

Considering Edmonton as the base of 100, the other 33 community indices for all commodities ranged from 90.7 to 119.4. Hinton had an overall index of 99.2 making it one of the more affordable communities of those surveyed. 

For more detailed information about the Town of Hinton from the survey, please view the Alberta spatial price survey webpage.

Looking for Low Taxes?

  • Alberta business taxes are among the lowest in the nation and residents enjoy the lowest personal taxes in Canada. Also, Alberta is the only province with no provincial sales tax (PST)! More information on the economic advantages of Alberta can be found here.
  • Hinton offers another advantage in its low business and residential taxes as compared to nearby communities.