#HintonFirst HEAT Team


In our school, I witness the appetite of the youth to think consciously about their impact on their surroundings; to think bigger and broader; and to use creativity and innovation everyday to build the future they want. As a community, we have an obligation to encourage and facilitate this lofty goal. – Glen Allen, Principal of Harry Collinge High School and HEAT member

Around the world scientists, engineers, inventors, dreamers, and everyday tradespeople are working towards an evolving energy future. New, emerging, renewable energy. A new generation eagerly awaits this opportunity to use leading edge technology and innovative approaches to create new opportunities and potential for the region. Hinton has long been a resource and energy based community, and in the same spirit as we have diversified in years past, we have an opportunity to do so now. To create, encourage, and attract the diversified potential of the future. 

The Hinton and Region Economic Development Coalition (HREDC) recognizes that Hinton like in generations past, is ideally situated to take advantage of this new resource development. The HREDC also sees the want of Hintonites to help lead the way, and blaze new trails through uncharted opportunities. To explore, educate, and encourage this appetite, the HREDC has established the Hinton Energy Alternatives Team (HEAT).

In all my time in Hinton, I’ve witnessed the ingenuity of Hintonites. I see in the business community an appetite not just to keep up with the prevailing trends, but to lead. HEAT seeks to facilitate this spirit and gather the leaders at one table. – Natalie Charlton, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and HEAT member

Made up of representatives of local businesses, the Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce, the municipality and the province, this group will work with new and currently being investigated projects including but not limited to pumped hydro, geothermal, bio-energy and solar options, right here in Hinton, leveraging the natural assets of our region, the leavings of historical industries, and innovations of existing ones to lead the way, not just in our region, but around the country.

Looking to get involved? Have an idea you want the task force to explore? Want to learn more? Please contact the group at venture@hinton.ca or call the HREDC Chair at 780-865-6003.