Hinton and Region Economic Development Coalition



The Economic Development Coalition has worked closely with the Town of Hinton and partner MDB Insights to help create the Town of Hinton's Economic Development Strategy.

You can find the entire strategy on the Town of Hinton Website, available for download by clicking here



In 2016, a number of local stakeholders spent many months consulting and developing the new Hinton and Region Economic Development Coalition (HREDC).

This new collaborative approach to economic development in our region is bringing together the experience and expertise of groups such as the Hinton Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Hinton, as well as local professionals and business owners. To further support this new coalition, the group has tapped into support from Alberta Labour and the Alberta Economic Development Association.

“As we evolve we look forward to engaging others to support our priorities and goals. Hinton has so many experts – from education to industry, and we look forward to involving these folks to build and grow Hinton.” - Mike Schwirtz, former Town CAO and past HREDC Chair

For more information about the HREDC, please contact the group at venture@hinton.ca or call the HREDC Chair at 780-865-6003.