#HintonFirst for Residents


When a resident buys locally, they are doing more than just making a purchase; they’re making an investment in their community. But #HintonFirst is also about much more than just shopping local. It’s about spending your time and your energy experiencing and supporting Hinton as your adopted or original hometown.

#HintonFirst is about more than just what you spend your dollars on; the movement aims to have all Hintonites think about local opportunities to explore, recreate, volunteer and shop.

Think of the many community events you've attended, because you truly enjoy yourself and care about contributing to a successful turnout. Think of the minor hockey game you headed to on a snowy evening to show your support to the kids on the ice. Think of the people in your neighbourhood: chances are, out of the people you see each day there are a few who own, operate, or who are employed by local businesses in Hinton. Now think of where you purchased your last pair of jeans, or your car insurance, or your new sofa. Think about where you spent your time last weekend, or on your last holiday.

Are we letting each other down by sending our money out of our town and into the pockets of people who do not have a vested interest in the success of our community? Are we picking up and leaving town on nice weekends to search for similar recreational opportunities to what we have in and around Hinton? And most of all, are we focussing on the negative aspects of our community, and not on the many, many things that make Hinton great?


As Hintonites, we have some of the best recreational opportunities available anywhere! From the many indoor recreation options in town to the natural wonder that surrounds us, Hinton first asks that all consider the wealth of experiences right here in your backyard before you go travelling in search of your next great experience.


Hinton is home to roughly 120 not for profit organizations, which serve up a wide array of events, programs, and charitable work through the region. Hinton First asks that before you take your volunteer hours to groups outside of the community, you consider the local groups that could benefit from your time, knowledge, and experience.


As consumers, we have the power to create the commercial climate we want. Hinton First seeks to remind our residents of that by reintroducing the idea of “voting with your dollars”. Think we need to have more clothing stores in Hinton? Support the ones that exist, ask that they order in or try and fill your needs, and thereby prove to area investors that there is a market for that product in our community. Our dollars show where our priorities and values lie, and by giving Hinton businesses the first chance to fill our needs, we prove that a growing, diverse economy is a priority for our community.