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Planning Documents 

Architectural Theme Outline - Mountainview and Hardisty Shopping Districts

  • The purpose of this document is to provide owners and developers who may be considering doing renovations to the storefronts on properties bordering the Mountainview shopping district of Green Square or, the shopping district of Hardisty, information  about the selected design themes in order to assist in the preparation of preliminary design for renovations. 

Community Development and Enhancement Plan

  • The Town of Hinton, Community Development & Enhancement Plan is an integrated three-part plan, which includes a Parks Master Plan, Visitor Attractions Plan, and an Urban Form Plan. The underlying objective of this three-part study is to provide a practical and effective framework for community development and enhancement within the Town of Hinton. 

Gregg Avenue Study

  • Gregg Avenue is located on the south side of Highway 16 and functions as a service road to local businesses. This study provides recommendations for roadway improvements, street lighting, sidewalk addition and pedestrian accommodation, highway access, business access, streetscaping, and municipal services. 

Highway 16 Architectural Design Guidelines

  • The Town of Hinton is located near Jasper National Park, situated about 75 km east of Jasper and nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Hinton is located along Highway 16, the Yellowhead Highway, a transcontinental route with links across Canada.  The Highway 16 Corridor is a predominant feature within the community, establishing it as the main access route to and from Hinton, and for travellers from across Canada. Development along this corridor is very visible to the on-looker and provides an immediate impression of the community.  The Town of Hinton recognizes the corridor as a great opportunity to better represent the community and enhance upon the visual image of the highway corridor through improvements. 

Highway 16 Corridor Enhancement Plan

  • The Town of Hinton has implemented the Community Development and Enhancement Plan as a means of encouraging strategic enhancement of the entire community. In addition to this plan, the Hinton Design Charette report (September 2006) also outlines a substantial effort to enhance the aesthetics and visual identity of Hinton. Both of these plans provide considerable groundwork for the Highway 16 Corridor Enhancement Plan, and establish a strong departure point for the assessment, strategies and recommendations contained in this report.   

Integrated Housing Strategy

  • The Town of Hinton recognizes the important role of adequate and suitable housing in meeting the community’s various social, cultural and environmental needs, as well as its economic goal of achieving greater diversification.  In response to local challenges related to housing affordability and availability, the Town initiated the Integrated Housing Strategy early in 2009.  

Intermunicipal Development Plan

  • The purpose of the intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is to facilitate and sustain long term strategic growth and to identify joint development opportunities in the Rural-Urban Fringe (RUF) between Hinton and Yellowhead County (the Municipalities). The Municipalities agree that mutually beneficial policies and procedures are the preferred means of addressing intermunicipal growth opportunities within the agreed upon plan area (see Figure 1-Plan Area). The IDP has been developed in alignment with the requirements of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) and represents the best opportunity for a continuous cooperative working relationship between the Municipalities. 

Land Use Bylaw

  • The purpose of the Bylaw is to regulate Land Use and Development within Hinton in order to achieve orderly growth.

Mary Reimer Regional Park Master Plan

  • The preparation of a master plan for Mary Reimer Regional Park was initiated as a joint project by the Town of Hinton and Yellowhead County.  The primary focus of the study was to determine appropriate recreational uses and site planning for the current developed park and recently acquired reserve.
    With a multitude of existing facilities, including ball diamonds, soccer fields, a playground and riding grounds, the park is currently the largest outdoor recreation area in Hinton.  It caters for both active and passive recreation.  A variety of events are hosted at the park each year, attracting residents and visitors alike.   

Municipal Development Plan

  • A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a statutory document required by the Province of Alberta and adopted pursuant to the Municipal Government Act (MGA).  The MDP is a high-level policy document designed to guide the physical development of Hinton over the next 30 years (to 2047), and provide clear direction with regards to the community’s social, environmental and economic well-being over time.

Off-Site Levy Bylaw 1092

  • Town Council has the authority under the Municipal Government Act to create a bylaw for the purpose of collecting an Off-Site Levy. Council authorizes Town Administration to enter into Development or Servicing Agreements which, among other things, provides for the collection of Off-Site Levies and where applicable, provides Off-Site credits to Developers. 

Engineering Documents

Minimum Design Standards

  • The standards outlined herein are intended to be the minimum standards.  It shall be the Developer’s responsibility to develop the subdivision to meet or exceed these standards in accordance with good engineering practices. 

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

  • To provide an overall Master Plan for a wastewater collection system. This Master Plan will analyze the performance of the sanitary collection system in the existing development areas as well as in future expansion areas, for a 50 year growth.

Stormwater Management Master Plan

  • The Master Plan will provide the Town with an assessment of the existing system capacity and a conceptual drainage plan for future development. A Master Plan provides an assessment of the existing system and a strategic or conceptual plan of upgrading and expansion that will require additional, more detailed, planning and design prior to implementation. 

Stormwater Management Master Plan - Addendum

  • The Town of Hinton requested Associated Engineering to develop a stormwater management plan for a proposed development area south of Boutin Avenue in East Hinton. The project area covers about 43 ha in the East Hardisty district at the east end of Hinton. It is located between Boutin Avenue and the CNR and is part of a larger basin of about 200 ha that originates about 2.4 km to the south. This basin drains to a storm sewer to the north of Boutin Avenue along with about 40 ha of existing development.
    The area south of Boutin Avenue is mostly un-developed except for some acreage development along Drinnan Road and Hannington Road, north of the CNR.  

Trails Master Plan

  • The study area for this project included all existing and proposed trails found within or directly connected to existing Town boundaries, as well as those trails within the annexed lands acquired by the Town in 2009. This plan is intended to be reviewed and updated where necessary every five to ten years.  

Signage Standards Manual

  • This Signage Standards Manual has been prepared as a result of several studies conducted by the Town of Hinton aiming to improve parks, trails, recreation facilities, visitor services and attractions.  The underlying goals of the studies were to create an aesthetic unique to Hinton, provide visitors a sense of place upon arrival, improve the quality of life for residents and enhance visitor experience.  The three plans directly related to this signage manual include the Community Development and Enhancement Plan, the Highway 16 Corridor Enhancement Plan and the Town of Hinton Trails Master Plan.  

Transportation Master Plan

  • The Town of Hinton Transportation Master Plan provides supplementary guidance to the Town’s strategic direction for the further development of it’s transportation network, programs and it’s policies. 

Transportation Master Plan - Technical Appendix

  • The TMP Update –Technical Report / Appendix is a companion document that provides the technical and analytical supporting documentation referenced within the TMP Update.

Water Distribution Master Plan

  • A review and improvements of the Hinton Water Works System.  

Policy No. 48 - Encroachment Agreement
Policy DS-6105 Naming

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