Building Permits

About Building Permits

A building permit is your formal permission to begin a construction, demolition, addition or renovation project on your property. 

Building permits are required for:

  • New buildings
  • Additions to existing buildings
  • Renovations or alterations
  • Repairs to existing buildings
  • Relocation of buildings
  • Demolition
  • Change of use in an existing building

The building owner is responsible for complying with building requirements. Failure to get a building permit can cause construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.

Applying for a building permit

Building permit applications are available online or in person at the Town of Hinton Government Centre.


Fees for building and mechanical permits vary depending on the value and type of project. 


To book an inspection, call The Inspections Group at 866-554-5048 and allow 2-5 working days notice. 

List of projects requiring building permits

  • New single family dwelling 
  • Manufactured or mobile home 
  • Accessory building over 108 sq. ft. in size including:
    • detached garages
    • workshops
    • sheds
    • carports
    • greenhouses
    • gazebos
    • pool house or cabanas
  • Sea-cans (to be used for accessory/storage)
  • Deck greater than 24 inches above ground level.
  • A residential addition to an existing building including:
    • second or third story addition
    • attached garage
    • carport
    • sunroom or solarium
    • enclosed porches or entranceways
  • Residential renovations involving any structural changes, such as:
    • secondary suite additions
    • creating additional rooms
    • window or door changes that involve a different size of window or door and the structural support for the opening has to be changed or adding a window or door where there were none before
    • skylight where rafters or trusses are altered or removed
    • enclosing a deck or patio
    • adding, removing or altering a load bearing wall
    • basement development if your project includes:
      • adding a bedroom
      • adding a bathroom
      • changing or removing a load bearing wall
    • retaining walls for soils sloped greater than 45 degrees requiring a wall greater than 4 feet affecting a building, public or adjacent property.  Engineering is required.
    • woodstove, fireplace, pellet or coal stove
    • hot tub or swimming pool
    • solar panels affixed to an existing structure, if applicable
    • temporary fabric structure over 646 sq. ft
    • uncovered stages over 48 inches above ground
    • covered stages
    • change a building’s use (e.g., garage to living space
    • demolition and removal of any structure

If your project is not listed above, contact us to discuss the project and confirm if permits are required.

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