AEP Application

AEP Confirms Low Level Maintenance Permissible

September 11, 2020

Shortly after 8am on September 11, 2020, The Town of Hinton received correspondence allowing low level (1) maintenance in the Beaver Boardwalk Area.

Level one maintenance includes minor tasks with minimal impact to the surrounding areas, such as alignment and non-substantive maintenance within the existing footprint. Example activities include reinforcement, straightening/re-erecting of existing slouched section, and reinforcement of existing load bearing supports. Parks and potential contracted employees are required to carry out manufacturing and construction type tasks outside of the wetland area to minimize impact.

This confirmation allows parks to finalize and begin mobilizing repair plans completed earlier in the year. Activity in the area can be anticipated in the new week.

AEP Submission Information

April 17, 2020

This week, the Town of Hinton sent to press an ad featuring information pertinent to our Water Act Application for maintenance in the Beaver Boardwalk Area. Administration has reached out to AEP to better understand the next steps from the perspective of any community member who is seeking more information about the plan that has now been reviewed by AEP. The following serves to bring all residents up to date on the current status of the application and work surrounding it.
Approximately 2 weeks ago, Administration was provided with information from AEP regarding the next steps for our application. The communication from AEP indicated that we were to advertise the document they provided, exactly as represented from AEP.

Ad Purpose
The intent of the advertisement is to advise members of the public that AEP has reviewed the plan, and prior to approving it, are required to hear concerns from community members.

As is indicated in the ad, community members may seek additional information in regards to the plan directly from the Town’s Consultant at Associated Engineering.
After reviewing the plan, if community members have concerns, they are advised to write a statement of concern, and file it with AEP using the contact information provided (view in the Hinton Voice, or via the Town of Hinton Ad Presence Newsflash here.) Failure to issue a statement of concern may effect the right to file a Notice of Appeal with the Environmental Appeals Board later in the process.

What Happens Next 
AEP will review each written statement of concern, seek more information if needed, and notify each filer by letter of the decision to accept or reject their written submission as a valid statement of concern. The letter received will advise of the appeals process.
The final approval of the plan will be dependent upon the number of statements of concern received by AEP, the validity of those concerns as deemed by AEP, any required plan changes derived from the statement of concern analysis by AEP, and the number of appeals that may be permitted to move forward.

Town’s Partner in Application
Consultants Associated Engineering (listed in the ad under their environmental department Associated Environmental) have been contracted for the purposes of data collection to support the Water Act Application, compiling and drafting of all associated application forms, and to act as liaison in some regards with AEP on behalf of the Town. The Town appreciated Associated Engineerings services, and in their conducting a Water Act comprehension training and site training to provide better understanding to our Parks workers and project managers. This training was also offered to the Beaver Boardwalk Committee.

These consultants have not been contracted to conduct any additional site planning at this time.