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Equipment Request Form

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  2. Prices are for the first tent, additional pop-ups are $10, additional 10x20 tents are $20. For non-ticketed, non-alcohol events open to the public,

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  4. Prices are for the first tent, additional pop-up tents are $20, additional 10x20 tents are $40. For ticketed events and/or where alcohol is served.

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  12. This flooring is ONLY installed on a solid surface such as an existing floor or staging platforms.

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  15. Mobile stage trailer w/ Audio, Lighting, 2 stair units and skirting included

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  20. Rectangle Tablebloths

  21. Prices include dry cleaning. User must drop linens at the local cleaning service in Hinton after their event or function.

  22. Round Table Cloths

  23. Laptop not included. Cables are only compatible for PC's. Apple users must supply their own cables.

  24. Component Equipment

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