Rec Centre 10 Year Strategy

The Town of Hinton has many indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities. From our town trail system, including the Beaver Boardwalk, to the Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre, our recreation infrastructure helps Hintonites stay active, and assists in attracting new residents and visitors to our community.

After considering information from previous studies, conceptual and site studies of our current recreation facility, Council gave direction to proceed with Concept 1 presented by GEC Architecture in June 2016. This concept includes a new aquatic centre, fitness centre and fieldhouse with running track.
Where will the expansion take place?
“Revitalization of the recreation centre is in progress to address the current and future needs of our community.” - Mayor Rob Mackin.

Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre


October 27, 2016

3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Recreation Centre Foyer
Coming soon: Public Response Sheet fill-able form

 A public engagement process began in October to assist Council and administration in determining whether the aquatic centre and fieldhouse, as well as anticipated use and needs of user groups and the public, support the elements outlined in Concept 1.

On October 27, 2016 a public open house will be held to engage the public on this project and give an opportunity for additional feedback to be gathered. As well, an open-ended response sheet will be circulated at the open house, and online. Both stakeholders and the public will be able to sign up to receive updates on the project, including an overview of feedback collected, and how it will be used.

The engagement process began with scheduled stakeholder meetings, where representatives from more than 50 community user groups were invited to share their needs and considerations, and fill out response sheets. Those user groups unable to make the meetings were able to participate through the completion and submission of the response sheets, but were strongly encouraged to attend the meetings to engage in important dialogue with GEC, ISL Engineering and Town administration. 

The purpose of the stakeholder meetings is to answer questions related to the proposed changes to the recreation centre, and to gather information on their anticipated use and needs. Speaking to these groups first will allow us to include their relevant input and feedback in further communications and engagement with the public. It also gives us an idea of what information can be clarified to the public at the open house.

For both the stakeholder groups and the public, the feedback collected will assist Council in gauging whether the elements within Concept 1 are supported by the current and future needs of our community. 

Once the feedback has been received and reviewed, the project will begin to take shape with estimated costs, timelines and high level design, allowing for informed decision-making by Council on next steps. A report outlining the community’s needs will be presented at the Standing Committee Meeting of Council on November 22, 2016.

The Town of Hinton and ISL Engineering Services are working with GEC Architecture to deliver a 10 year strategic plan on the future vision of our recreation facility. GEC Architecture approaches each project, regardless of size or scale, as an opportunity create collaborative design solutions which result in meaningful projects that meet or exceed the needs and aspirations.
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Previous public engagement, facility and program research of other communities’ centres, and review of physical requirements for different programs and facility elements have identified the priority of a new aquatic centre, fieldhouse, fitness centre and change rooms (Concept 1). At the Council meeting in June 2016, there was consensus to direct Administration to proceed (concept plan, stakeholder engagement) under Concept 1 – New components (Aquatic Centre, Fieldhouse) added to Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre and to conduct an Open House by the end of October, 2016.