Inter-Municipal Assessment Review & Subdivision & Development Appeal Board


  • Bob Krewusik - Grande Cache
  • Dennis Zaffino - Jasper
  • Nigel Knight - Hinton
  • Doug Kopp - Hinton


The Inter-Municipal Assessment Review, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board was established to hear assessment, subdivision, and/or development appeals within the towns of Hinton, Grande Cache, and the Municipality of Jasper.

2010 Legislative Changes

As a result of legislation passed by the Government of Alberta effective January 1, 2010, assessment complaints will now be heard by a single-level appeal board. Appeals of decisions from the Inter-Municipal Assessment Review Board will now go to the Court of Queen’s Bench rather than to the Municipal Government Board.

Assessment complaints must now be received by the deadline indicated on your assessment. It will no longer be sufficient for your complaint to be postmarked prior to the deadline. Additionally, the complaint must be filled out completely and submitted in the form prescribed in Alberta Regulation 310/09. Please ensure your complaint form includes all reasons for appealing. The board cannot consider matters not included on your form.


The 2 types of review boards are:
  • Composite Assessment Review Board (CARB): Hears complaints regarding residential properties with four or more dwelling units as well as non-residential properties
  • Local Assessment Review Board (LARB) - Hears matters that are shown on an assessment notice for residential properties with three or fewer dwelling units and for farmland
Appeals of decisions of both boards now only go to the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench. There is no longer a right to appeal to another assessment review board. An appeal can only be made if you believe that the board made an error on a question of law or jurisdiction. Access further information.

Become a Board Member!

A member is needed from Hinton to serve on the Inter-Municipal Assessment Review and Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. We are seeking a citizen who has:
  • An assessment, legal or valuation background
  • Expertise / knowledge on quasi-judicial boards
  • Flexible schedule / daytime availability for training and hearings
Board members are responsible for issuing decisions on disputes relative to property assessment for the municipalities of Hinton, Jasper and Grande Cache and on disputes relative to land development for Hinton and Grande Cache. Training from Municipal Affairs will be provided by the Town of Hinton. Board members will receive remuneration and expenses for board responsibilities from the municipality hosting the appeal hearing.

Council will review and appoint a board member for a 5-year term. There is an average of 3 to 4 appeal hearings for the region on an annual basis.

For more information, please contact Jenna Altrogge.

Apply to become a member of the board and submit your cover letter and brief outline of experience to .