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During the Regular Council Meeting on December 1, 2015 Hinton Town Council made a decision stating: “That the Arts Venue project be advanced as a full build-out costing up to $6 million, with any shortfall in funding (once grants, sponsorships, community fundraising etc. are maximized) be covered by a 4.5 million debenture”.    

The full scope of the project will be completed by two different General Contractors. The 1st phase is for the full renovation and buildout of the facility, awarded to Jen-Col Construction Ltd. The 2nd Phase will be for the fit out of furnishing, fixtures and equipment specific to operating the facility as a performing arts venue and theatre.  The scope of work for the second phase will be tendered December, 2016.

The motivation behind the Performing Arts Venue was to create a place for theatre production, cinema, lecture hall and exhibit space where arts and cinema can have a home in our community and region.  This dedicated multi-use space defines Hinton as a community that supports, invests, grows and celebrates the value of arts and cinema, and the ways in which they strengthen and enrich our region.

The Performing Arts Venue replaces the Roxy Theatre which was destroyed by fire in 2009. The Guild site is now identified as a destination for performing arts and theatre.  

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Request for Proposals – Public Art

Proposals are being sought for one or more site specific public art installation(s) at the new Performing Arts Venue (PAV)

The artwork is to be an original piece of work that promotes the cultural diversity of Hinton and celebrates the integration of culture and the environment. The artwork can be an indoor or outdoor piece that will be located prominently at the PAV. Outdoor artwork shall be designed and constructed for outdoor display and be able to withstand and function, if necessary, within a variety of weather conditions.  

Outdoor artwork may be industrial, recycled metal works, or kinetic in its design. Interior art work may be constructed from materials such as wood, metal, fabric, glass or plastics and is limited in scale, wall mountable (size/weight restrictions) or suspended from the ceiling (weight restrictions).

PAV Public Art Budget:  Up to $75,000 all inclusive.  

All submissions are to include: 

Artist(s) name and contact information.
A. Concept drawings for the work; and B. optional concept drawings incorporating donor recognition into the work (applies to both indoor and outdoor public art proposals).
Dimensions and types of materials used.
Projected budget and timelines for the development and installation of the work. 

Artists may submit more than one proposal.  Unveiling of the work is anticipated for the fall of 2017.  Any in-kind services, donations or contributions by the artist(s) will be duly acknowledged at the facility. 

The successful applicant will be required to enter into a Public Art Work Agreement with the Town.

All submissions to be labeled: PAV – Public Art Proposal and mailed or dropped off at the Town of Hinton, 2nd Floor, 131 Civic Centre Road, Hinton, AB T7V 2E5, Attn: Director of Community Services.  The closing date for submissions is April 12, 2017 at 12:00 p.m.

Further Information:

Project Grants and Community Fundraising:

The Performing Arts Venue project has approximately $2.5 million in secured funding from sources such as:

  • Canada Cultural Spaces Fund ($1 million Federal Government Grant);
  • Community Facility Enhancement Program ($1 million Provincial Government Grant);
  • Insurance proceeds; and
  • Yellowhead County Cost-Sharing Agreement. 
The remaining funds will first be sought through sponsorships, donations and fundraising.  We are finalizing the fundraising program and anticipate its launch in September.  Some arts and culture groups have already hosted fundraising events with proceeds being committed to the project! Once these sources are maximized, Council will determine where to allocate remaining funds from.  Some of their options include a debenture (borrowing), allocation of the Federal Gas Tax revenue or allocation from the Automated Traffic Enforcement Reserve.

Estimated Construction Updates and Time Frame: 

At this time the project is on schedule and the estimated schedule for completion with exterior finishing and landscaping is schedule to complete in Fall, 2017. 
FCSS will returning to the Guild from temporary locations at the Hinton Municipal Library and Hinton Recreation Centre. 

Staff will move over in two phases: Monday December 19, 2016 and January 09, 2017. 

Note:   The first phase of construction for this project is subject to weather conditions as the exterior additions are built onto the existing Guild fire bays and utility services are installed.   

Potters New Building:
The new Potter building is now complete and the keys were handed over to the Arts Society of Hinton. The new build has provided 120m2 (1300 sq. ft.), self-contained facility housing 12 potter wheels and 3 kilns.

New, Completed Potters Building

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  1. Design Elements
  2. Project Partners
  3. Construction Progress
  4. Sponsorship/Donations
  5. Fundraising
  6. FCSS Relocation
The venue will consist of a new construction 197 m2 (2120 sq. ft.) expansion facing Switzer Drive that will serve as the main entrance to the venue providing access to the lobby, box office, new washrooms and bar/concession with public access to the theatre and a stairwell to a second floor mezzanine where the sound control and electrical housing will be located.  

The current arts space (fire bays) will be upgraded to accommodate the new theatre and stage area.  Retractable theatre seats are included with seating accommodations/space in the front rows to support persons with disabilities.

The stage size is approximately 16m x 7m (52.5 ft. x 23 ft.) with curtains and screen for cinema.  

New construction of 90m2 (968 sq. ft.) at the rear of building will serve as the back of house for performers complete with storage and an overhead door access for loading materials from outside.   Four sea cans will be located on site to support long term and short term storage needs.

A Digital Sign (two faces) for advertising events will also be incorporated in the new landscaping area which will incorporate outdoor seating, bike racks, landscaping complimented with trees and plantings.

Potter’s Studio

The Potter’s Studio new build will provide 120m2 (1300 sq. ft.), self-contained facility housing 12 potter wheels and 3 kilns.

Key Design and Construction Factors:

The Guild is limited in its expansion to the West due to a major ATCO utility right-of-way which contribute to the final expansion design facing Switzer Drive
Traffic Accommodation will be put in place for pedestrian traffic impact on Switzer Drive due to the new construction.  The walking path directly in front of the Guild will be restored as quickly as possible and we thank everyone for following the directional signage allowing us to keep you safe. The area is very tight to work within and unfortunately rerouting pedestrian traffic to the back of the building will be needed from time to time to support the safest route for all involved.
Communication Towers have already been removed and relocated by the Town to support the new construction. Notice will be provided to those impacted as underground or overhead communication lines are relocated and aligned to the new utility corridor. 
The construction schedule is subject to weather conditions.  

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