Around Town

  1. Accommodations & Camping

    Find accommodations and camping options in and around the Town of Hinton.

  2. Dining

    Check out several dining options around Hinton to satisfy your cravings.

  3. Getting Around

    Learn about public transportation options available in Hinton.

  4. Hinton Visitors Guide

    Download the 2017 Visitors Guide for information on Hinton area amenities and attractions.

  5. Photos

    View photos of scenery and activities in and around Hinton.

  6. Tour Operators

    Gain details about local tourism services.

  7. Relocating to Hinton

    Access educational, occupational, and health care opportunities and services found in Hinton, Alberta.

  8. Visitor Information Centre

    The Hinton and Area Travel Alberta Centre - Open 9am-7pm 7 days a week