Services & Utilities

  1. Bylaw Services

    Find information about Hinton's bylaws and animal control, or submit a complaint to Bylaw Services.

  2. Cemetery

    Access information about the cemetery's rates, management, and care of graves.

  3. Emergency Services

    Gain details on Hinton's ambulance, disaster services, fire, victim services, and police departments.

  4. Permits & Applications

    Download applications and forms provided by the Planning and Development Division.

  5. Property Taxes

    Browse forms, payment options, and tax rates.

  6. Recycling

    Find recycling locations, tips, programs, and contacts in the Town of Hinton.

  7. Road Projects & Policies

    View current and ongoing road construction projects taking place throughout Hinton.

  8. Transportation & Transit

    Check out transit and Handibus routes/schedules.

  9. Water, Sewer & Garbage

    Pay your utility bills or access information and resources about the water, sewer, and garbage utilities.

  10. Town Owned Land Inventory

    Contains information regarding parcels of land owned by the Town of Hinton