Information On the New Boards & Committees Structure

New Model of Advisory & Task Committees Includes
  • Community Engagement and Accountability Committee
  • Hinton Grant Funding Advisory Committee
  • Hinton Municipal Library Board
  •  Mary Reimer Park Society
  •  Community Sustainability Plan
    The adopted Community Sustainability Plan is a living document that provides a sustainable future for the Town of Hinton for the next 30 years. The plan is a product of public engagement and discussion. Following the footsteps of the CSP, Council wanted the boards and committees to reflect the CSP principles and provide advice to council that is based on the needs of the community as a whole and achieved through public engagement and dialogue. Efficient and effective use of a committee member’s time was also an important consideration as was a structure that motivates volunteer interest.

    Valuing the Opinion of Residents
    The new model of advisory and task committees values the opinion of residents, the commitment from engaged volunteers and ensures Hinton moves forward in providing a sustainable community now and for the future. The model is designed to ensure citizens can be involved in a variety of means to provide input to council on issues that affect the community. The new model is structured in a way that ensures the following key factors are achieved:
  • Community-wide representation of committee members
  • Public engagement, dialogue and interaction in the decision making process is mandatory
  • Better use of a committee member’s time
  • Provide more communication tools that will allow residents to have their voice heard Vision and actions of the CSP are carried out
New Public Advisory Model
After consultation with council, current board and committee members and administration, a new public advisory model has been developed. The model includes an over-arching advisory committee - the Community Engagement and Accountability Committee (“CEAC”) - whose role is to broadly represent the voice of the community by gathering public input to develop recommendations to council that advance programs, services and initiatives aligned with its mandate and CSP. CEAC will be comprised of those members of the community who have interests in the areas of culture, recreation, wellness, local economy, education and natural and built environments.

Three Key Changes from the Current Structure to the New Model 
  • Engagement Portfolios - the concept is to create 4-theme portfolios that mirror the themes within the CSP. This is 1 tool that the Advisory Committee would have to gather feedback from the community on specific issues as well as create contacts for citizens to share emerging ideas. The portfolio groups are nimble and responsive to the community, thus are only made up of 2 to 3 members of the advisory body and would be assigned 1 member of council. The engagement teams would monitor and host coffee shops, social media etc. and report back to the advisory body to share the pulse of the community.
  • Meeting structure reflects understanding the value of a volunteer’s time and will result in more meaningful work and roles to attract and retain volunteers.
  • Creation of a Nomination Review Committee to fulfill the Town of Hinton’s objective that it is desirable to have members of the public that represent the voice and will of the community appointed to town committees and to recognize that the public plays a fundamental role in the decision making process to ensure the goals and visions of the community are achieved for a sustainable future.