Strategic Plan, Capital & Operating Budgets

Hinton Town Council looked to you, our citizens and taxpayers for input, feedback and information many times in 2016 to ensure the decisions we faced were made with your best interests in mind. Whether you participated in these opportunities formally or informally, your Town Council thanks you for being involved in local government. 

Council looked to our Town Administration to assist in advancing our priorities, and to provide exceptional service and support to our community. A Town Council is only as successful as those we surround ourselves with, and the great efforts of administration have been instrumental in our accomplishments in 2016.

This document shows Council's priorities for the last year of their elected term have been determined, and that they will be working hard in 2017 to fulfill the final commitments they made when the term first began. These include seniors’ social issues, indoor and
outdoor recreation improvements, as well as continued work on economic development to create a welcoming environment for new residents and businesses.

Council and Administration strive for accomplishments in these areas all while continuing to boast some of the lowest municipal taxes in the region, while continuing to bolster our reserves to manage future growth and demands. The Town of Hinton is responsible and purposeful in planning for infrastructure maintenance and projects, programming and service delivery. 
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During the engagement process, residents were invited to attend our Budget 2017 Open House to learn more. The Open House was held February 8, 2017 in the People's Centre, a venue in the Hinton Recreation Centre
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Investing In Our Future            
Hinton Town Council must make choices that keep us on track in achieving our vision of a vibrant community.  Growing reserve funds will ensure that the community has savings available for large projects or undertakings that preserve or enhance the quality of life for citizens.
Citizen Budgeting Tool
The Town of Hinton is launching the use of an educational budget simulator to encourage citizen feedback on the 2017 budget. Question topics were chosen based on the results of the Ipsos Citizen Satisfaction Survey which was completed fall 2016.

Questions were designed to identify key themes related to community priorities on projects, services and programming and will assist in informed decision making by Hinton Town Council. Results from the budget consultation process may be reviewed and referenced in future budget cycles.

The Simulator for Budget 2017 is no longer available as it has been accepted. 

More Engagement Opportunities Available

In addition to the new Citizen Budgeting Tool, Hinton Council and select members of Administration will be available to meet with citizens and discuss the budget.  

You can come to the Government Centre at 3:30 PM before every Hinton Town Council Meeting to speak with a Councillor; see schedule of meetings to the right.  

Residents were also invited to attend our Open House.