Camp Calendar

Monday, July 4 – Mario Party Spectacular 
Get ready to party with Mario and join in with all his crazy games! With your trusty buddy Yoshi help save the princess from the clutches of Bowser! 

Tuesday, July 5 – The Force Awakens
Pick of your light saver, and decide what side you will fight for!  Then use the powers of the Jedi or Sith to overcome various challenges as well as customize a costume an awesome costume.

Wednesday, July 6 – How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse
It`s the end of the human race as the zombies draw nearer to our humble abode. Learn to build zombie-proof shelters and the art of zom-jitsu to combat any rotting hand attacks. Put your skills to the test when a wave of zombies tries to attack!

Thursday, July 7 – Catchin' At Kelleys 
With your trusty net and bucket in hand, plunge into the wilderness around Kelly's Bathtub and see what you can catch. Biology is fun to learn about!

Friday, July 8 – Messy, Grubby, Mucky, Sticky 
How much of a mess can we make in one day? Explore the wonders of magic mud, ghost gum and paint twister!

Week 2: 
Monday, July 11 – Lego-Mania
Are you the ultimate Lego creator? Build a city of Lego, play the draw-yourself challenge and create your own Lego Land board game.

Tuesday, July 12 – Junior Forest Wardens
Learn the tricks of the trade of what it means to be a Junior Forest Ranger. Learn cool new skills and then compete in the ultimate Call of the Bull competition to claim first place as your own.   Drop off for today is at the Riverfront Park.

Wednesday, July 13 – Prepare to Be Pixilated!
Join us for a day of exploration, crafting, and combat. Survive the challenges and build the biggest Minecraft world yet!

Thursday, July 14 – Archery
See your arrow SOAR through the air and land right on target for a perfect Bull's Eye! Enjoy some hot-dogs and juice, compliments of the Yellowhead Arrow Launchers.

Friday, July 15 – Club Hollywood
Jump, hop, and climb as you compete in the ultimate game show.  Overcome challenges and participate in Discovery Camps own Amazing Race.

Week 3: 
Monday, July 18 – Cardboard Box Day
We have the boxes and the duct tape, you bring the imagination.  Let’s see who can build the most indestructible fort.   

Tuesday, July 19 – Nerf Wars
Grab your gun because this battle is going to be epic!  Our forts from yesterday will be our battle grounds today!  We have the bullets, but you can bring your own gun.

Wednesday, July 20 – Bike Park
Learn wicked tricks from the pros and show off your mad skills! Get the low down on all things biking! Don't forget to bring your brain bucket (helmet) to protect your noggin'. (proper fitting helmets are mandatory and bikes must be in good working order)

Thursday, July 21 – Paddle Boarding

Become a skilled water athlete as we learn how to paddle board at Lake Annette! Cool off with some sandcastle building contests and swimming.

Friday, July 22 - Cowboy's and Aliens

First, create your own personalized battle gear fashioned to your liking. Then, see it in action as you practice your aim with a lasso or moon-ray. When it comes to take stand, which side will you fight for?

Week 4: 
Monday, July 25 – How to Survive In the Wilderness
Ever wanted to be the next survivor man? Come and learn the outdoor adventure survival skills like fire building, shelter making and go go gadgets.

Tuesday, July 26 – Working at the Car Wash
Discovery goes washin' in our very own, home-made car wash. Don't forget your bathing suit as you'll need it to splash, spray and soak! How many cars can we wash in one day?

Wednesday & Thursday, July 27 & 28 - Camp Out 
There’s nothin’ like the great outdoors! Pack up your tents and come spend a night around the camp fire telling stories, eating s’mores and sleeping out under the stars. Enjoy our glow-in-the-dark games and camp fire cooking too.

Friday, July 29 – Atlantis Exploration
Put your best fin forward and swim to great depths as you embark on one of the greatest unsolved mysterious to this day: the City Of Atlantis. Throughout your journey learn the secrets of the mermaids and mermen to find clues and maybe even discover vast treasure!

Week 5:
Monday, August 1 – Heritage Day – No Camp

Tuesday, August 2 – Town Superheroes
Ever wonder who the protectors of the town are? Meet the lawful men and women in blue, sizzling' firefighters, wonderful EMS, and the mayor! They will share the tricks of the trade & let us try their gear.

Wednesday, August 3 – Perform & Transform
Prepare to flourish in fine arts as you star in Musicals, Dramas, Comedies and Plays. Learn the tricks of improve, dancing and performing as you perfect your acting career. 

Thursday, August 4 – Horseback Riding
Regulators!  Mount Up!  Grab your cowboy hat , put on your boots, and get ready to hit the trails.  (Long pants are mandatory while riding.)

Friday, August 5 – May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor
Become a tribute and compete for your district in first ever discovery camp Hunger games. Create alliances and prepare for training in stealth, combat and survival as you compete for survival!

Week 6: 
Monday, August 8 – Jurassic World: Dinasaurs' Unleashed
Venture back to the Mesozoic era and learn the science of Paleontology and dinosaur identification. After mastering your knowledge; pick, name and battle your mighty dinosaurs in the real world!

Tuesday, August 9 – Reactions, Explosions, Oh My!
Find your inner Einstein, think like a NASA employee and get ready to out-smart Charles Strite (inventor of the toaster)! End the day with some explosions of fun.

Wednesday, August 10 

Join us as Discovery Camps shoots for the stars. Build and set off rockets to reach 3…2…1 lift-off! Explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos and paint the solar system as campers take imagination to infinity — and beyond!Get ready to compete! We’re going to the

Thursday, August 11 - White Water Rafting

Are you ready to race down the rapids of the Athabasca River? Don't forget to bring your bathing suit and a change of warm clothes after our water escapade.

Friday, August 12 - Tye Dye Extravaganza
Explore the vibrant world of tye dye by creating crazy and dazzling dyed creations. Let your inner DaVinci flourish.

Week 7: 

Monday, August 15 -  By Hook or By Crook
Join a crew of the mightiest pirates around together overcome obstacles, learn sword fighting and discover the ultimate treasure!

Tuesday, August 16 – Animal Antics
Prepare to climb the top of the food chain in this all animal centered day. Learn the basics of pet care and become your favourite creaturein our forest frenzy to see who will claim the forest as their own!

Wednesday, August 17 – Flash Mob
Do you like to break out in dance when no one else is expecting it? SO DO WE! Kick off the day with some Koo Koo Kangaroo dancemoves and FLASH MOB the town!

Thursday, August 18 – Golf
With the help from experts at the Hinton Golf Club, we will have lots of golf-protégé’s swingin' clubs! After the swingin' ends, the experts atDQ will help us make our own treats!

Friday, August 19 – Fear Factor 

Can you overcome your fears? Eat disgustingly delicious appetizers, test your physical prowess, and facethe darkness. 

Week 8: 

Monday, August 22 - Bowling​

Bring your A-game and hit every pin down to be the strike master! Splash and play in Kinsmen Park on our way from the alley.

Tuesday,​ August 23 - Paint War!

Sploosh, Splosh, splish! Thats the sounds of paint being splashed around. A day full of colour and fun with many activities to get paintedand become a RAINBOW!

Wednesday, August 24 - Around the World in 8 Hours​

Travel bug gotcha? Us too! Join us for a day of discovering new cultures, foods and games. Master the language of love or learn to sayyour name samurai style!

Thursday, August 25 - Rock Climbing

Time put on your harness, clip into the belay and start climbing! Enjoy the view from Morrow Slabs, once you climb to the top! New Location! New Routes!

Friday, August 26 - Xtreme Wet & Wild

Get ready to master the art of the slip-and-slide, conquer the sodden battlefield of the water fight, vanquish the dreaded drip-drip-drop, play some pool noodle games, build your own water park and most of all, have a splashing good time!

Sports Camp

Week 1: Bending the Rules

We are bending the rules of our favourite games and making them our own!

Week 2: We Speak for the trees

See that forest?  Do you know what’s out there?  We will reunite with nature and learn how to take care of it.  

Week 3: Moving & Shaking

Let’s visit as many places around town as we can, including the SPCA, the bike park, and more.

Week 4: Can Your Survive

It’s camp out week, and we want to survive!  We will be learning different survival techniques this week.

Week 5: Bike Park

Each morning, sports camp will meet at the Bike Park for a day of riding the trails.  A bike in good working order and a proper fitting helmet are mandatory.

Week 6: Sports Camp Olympics

It’s time for the Olympics...Sports Camp Olympics!  Do you have what it takes to go home with Gold?

Week 7: Crazy Critters

We will be learning about more than your pet dog.  What kind of animals are out there and what do you do when you meet one?

Week 8: Athletes World

It’s time to get into shape for winter sports.  Sports Camp will be going through the basic training this week.  Are you ready?