Councillor Glen Barrow

I was born and raised in Hinton and through my life went to school locally and worked at all the various industries including retail, mines and pulp mill and now being a successful business owner for the past 10 years. I have a wonderful wife and kids that are involved in various community groups and activities. My parents are retired and are currently living in town as well. Last year I retired from the local Fire Department after just over 20 years of service. I feel I am well rounded and able to see all sides to issues for I have a history in Hinton and I feel I have a good grasp on what the majority of citizens want to see.

Boards & Committees

  • Disaster Services Committee
  • Hinton Policing Committee
  • 911 Call Centre Management Committee
  • Personnel / Council Liaison Committee
  • Inter-Municipal Committee
Councillor Barrow Timesheets / Expenses