Community Safety Initiatives

Funding & Purpose
Community safety initiatives are made possible from photo radar revenue. These initiatives began in 2007, and many projects have been completed. These projects aim to create a safer and more accessible community for everyone to enjoy.

Completed Projects
The following projects have been completed throughout Hinton at various locations.We continue to plan for future projects and welcome public input as to what residents would like to see in the future.

2007: Total Spent - $101,000
  • 911 networking
  • Improved visibility and safe garbage collection along Drinnan Road at Hardisty Avenue
  • Paving and bench at bus stop by Pine Valley Lodge
  • Radio enhancements at the Fire Hall
  • School zone speed signs
  • Security gate for Old Landfill
  • Wheelchair-accessible ramps at various intersections
2008: Total Spent - $130,000
  • Additional handicap-accessible ramps
  • Contribution to 911 call center
  • Groundwork for new playground at Hinton campground
  • Resurfaced playground at Recreation Centre
  • Robotic fire truck for Hinton Fire Department training
  • Sidewalk for Dr. Reed Way, Phase 1
2009: Total Spent - $253,000
  • Contribution to public health vaccination clinics
  • Crosswalk lights at various locations
  • Erith Drive outdoor rink upgrades - concrete, boards, and nets
  • Fencing, landscaping, and wheelchair-accessible ramp for Hinton Center / Campground playground
  • Paving, landscaping, and crosswalk lights for Dr. Reed Way sidewalk
  • Portable fire extinguisher training system
  • Robb Road trail to Hinton Bike Park
  • Speed display signs for school zones
  • Trail lighting - 7 lights installed at Kinsmen Park
  • Two bicycles for Protective Services bike patrolling
  • Various wheelchair ramps
2010: Total Spent - $340,000
  • Provided funding for SPCA Dangerous Dog Handling Course Funded Quality of Life Grant Program
  • Installed Crosswalk at Jarvis Street and Highway 16 crossing
  • Provided operational funding for the RCMP Bike Patrol
  • Installed enhanced lighting and timers at Erith Park outdoor rink
  • Installed lighting at the Gerard Redmond tennis courts
  • Installed lighted crosswalk at Rispler Way and Collinge Road
  • Improved Hardisty Avenue vehicle access to Kinsman Park
  • Upgraded Happy Creek Trail (partnership with West Fraser)
  • Improved lighting at the east end of the Hinton Centre
  • Installed sidewalk and lighted crosswalk along Jarvis Street
  • Purchased 1 Yellow Jacket Anchorman rescue trailer
2011: Total Spent - $368,300
  • Quality of Life Program
  • Installed lighted crosswalks at Mountain Street and Seabolt Dr.
  • Installed 150 metres of guardrail along Drinnan Way North
  • Purchased turnout gear for Fire Chief and Deputy Fire Chief
  • Purchased high volume fire hose for truck #22
  • Purchased volunteer survival kits
  • Fire hydrant installation for Hinton Tracks and Trails
  • Begin installation of trails distance marker signs
  • Purchase tough book laptops and software for fire trucks
  • One time projects:
    • Updated aerial photo of Hinton
    • Active Net System (Recreation)
    • Climbing wall / court conversion (Recreation)
    • Personalized photo ID system
Community Safety Initiatives with Photo Radar Proceeds
The Town of Hinton is currently looking for project ideas that will improve community safety and accessibility for everyone! For more information or to submit an idea for a project, please contact Infrastructure Services Director at 780-865-6043.