Cemetery Rates

Plot Fees
Plot Type
Infant (under 2 years of age)
Child (10 years and under - 12 feet by 5 feet)
Cremation $450
Veterans $225

Plots for adults and veterans are available in 12 feet by 4 feet or 12 feet by 5 feet dimensions for the same price. Up to 4 cremations are allowed in 1 regular size plot. Two full burials are allowed in 1 plot provided it is made known at the time of the first internment, or opening and closing of the grave, as it has to be dug to double the depth. Special caskets must also be ordered through a funeral director.

Interment Fees
Grave Type
Adult and veteran
Infant $160
Child $485
Cremations $200
Pre-dug $600

Columbarium Fees
The niche price is $1,050, which includes the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and interment. An additional opening of the niche costs $100 and includes GST.

Additional Fees & Information
The following are overtime fees associated for services after 5 p.m., on weekends, or on holidays:
  • Burials - $160
  • Cremations - $120