Major Projects & Plans

  1. 2014-2017 Hinton Municipal Strategic Plan (PDF)

    Council's Updated Strategic Plan

  2. 15 Year Capital Plan

    Information on the Town of Hinton's 15 Year Capital Plan.

  3. Automated Traffic Enforcement Proceeds

    See many projects throughout the Town of Hinton that were funded through the Community Safety Initiatives program.

  4. Community Sustainability Plan

    The Community Sustainability Plan (CSP) is an overarching document that serves as a long-term guide for making decisions that will move the community toward a destination that is consistent with the community’s vision and goals. It is important to keep in mind that the plan is a living document. As conditions change, projects are implemented, and priorities change, the CSP will be re-evaluated, revised, and updated to reflect the latest market conditions, community needs, and opportunities.

  5. Current Projects & Plans

    Learn about current projects around the Town of Hinton, including Recreation Centre renovations and the creation of the Innovista Eco-Industrial Park.

  6. Integrated Housing Strategy (PDF)

    Find more information about the Town of Hinton&#39s Integrated Housing Strategy.

  7. Participatory Budget

    Information for residents on the Participatory Budget process.

  8. Emergency Management Plan (Disaster Plan)

    The Town of Hinton emergency management plan that contains information for the community in case of a disaster or emergency.

  9. 2016 Land Use Bylaw

    This page contains information detailing changes to the Hinton Land Use Bylaw, including the full document text, presentation boards from stakeholder meetings, and more

  10. The Guild Performing Arts Venue

  11. Hinton Geothermal

    Hinton Geothermal is a partnership between the Town of Hinton and Epoch Energy to explore geothermal potential in our community.

  12. Rec Centre 10 Year Strategy

  13. Budget 2017

    The Web Home of Hinton Budget 2017

  14. 2017 Planning and Development Strategy