Municipal Development Plan

At the September 5, 2017, Regular Council Meeting, Council voted to adopt the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). Town of Hinton administration and engineering firm ISL, with direction and support from Council, reviewed the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) creating a document that promotes growth and supports development initiatives.

A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a statutory document required by the Province of Alberta and adopted pursuant to the Municipal Government Act (MGA).  The MDP is a high-level policy document designed to guide the physical development of Hinton over the next 30 years (to 2047), and provide clear direction with regards to the community’s social, environmental and economic well-being over time.

Specifically, the MDP has been created to:
  • Describe Hinton’s preferred direction with respect to land use, infrastructure investment, provision of services, and future development patterns.
  • Guide policy creation and planning tools regarding land use, development, transportation, and infrastructure investment decisions.
  • Serve as an overarching document to assist in the coordination of municipal bylaws, policies, programs, and investments.
  • Ensure that Hinton’s unique identity and strong sense of community is maintained through sustainable growth.

For More Information

For more information about the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw, please contact the Planning & Development Division at 780-865-6010.